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"LAS REPUTACIONES" Juana Gabriela Vasqueza, znalazły się na liście "50 książek, które czyta świat" magazynu do czytania: "Książki". Zapraszamy do zamawiania materiałów recenzenckich!

Javier Mallarino is a living legend. He is the most influential political cartoonist in the country, “a man capable of having a law revoked, disrupting a judge’s sentence, knocking down a mayor or seriously threatening a ministry’s stability, and with his weapons only being paper and Indian ink”. Politicians fear him, while the government pays him homage. At 65 years old, after four decades of a brilliant career, one can say that he has the world at his feet. But all of this will change when he receives the unexpected visit of a woman. Together they start to remember that one strange night which has been long forgotten, and Mallarino will be forced to re‐evaluate his life, to question his position in the world.

In Las reputaciones, Juan Gabriel Vásquez retraces his most intense obsessions: the weight of the past, the failures of memory, the way in which our lives intersect with politics. But it is also a novel on the importance of opinion in our society. In the demanding genre of the novella, which has given so many masterpieces in the Latin American tradition, Vásquez presents us with his most intimate work: an intense reflection on the weakness of public and private judgments, on the irreversible encounters that forever alter what we set down for ourselves.


“Juan Gabriel Vásquez is one of the most original new voices of Latin American literature. His first novel, The Informers, a very powerful story about the shadowy years immediately following World War II, is testimony to the richness of his imagination as well as the subtlety and elegance of his prose.” 

Mario Vargas Llosa

“What Vásquez offers us, with great narrative skill, is that grey area of human actions and awareness where our capacity to make mistakes, betray, and conceal creates a chain reaction which condemns us to a world without satisfaction. Friends and enemies, wives and lovers, parents and children mix and mingle angrily, silently, blindly, while the novelist uses irony and elipsis to unmask his characters’ “self‐protective strategies” and goes with them – not discovering them, simply accompanying them – as they come to understand that an unsatisfactory life can also be the life they inherit.”

Carlos Fuentes

“For anyone who has read the entire works of Gabriel García Márquez and is in search of a new Colombian novelist, then Juan Gabriel Vásquez is a thrilling new discovery.”

Colm Toibin


Juan Gabriel Vásquez, (Bogotá, 1973) is best known as the author of EL RUIDO DE LAS COSAS AL CAER, winner of the Premio Alfaguara and the English Pen Award, and also a finalist for the Médicis. Prior to that, he wrote the short story collection LOS AMANTES DE TODOS LOS SANTOS and the novels LOS INFORMANTES, and HISTORIA SECRETA DE COSTAGUANA , all of which were rapturously received by critics and readers alike.

He studied Latin American literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and made Barcelona his home for more than a decade. His short stories have appeared in anthologies in all over the world. He has trthe works of E.M Forster, Victor Hugo and John Hersey, among others, and his articles appear regularly both in Spanish and Latin‐American publications. Ever since the publication of his first novel, Juan Gabriel Vásquez has consistently impressed readers and reviewers with his talent, wisdom and his astonishing narrative maturity.

To date his books have received an incredible range of international acknowledgments. They have been published in 16 languages and 30 countries. He is the two‐time winner of the Premio Nacional Simón Bolívar and more noteworthy, he won the Roger Caillois in Paris in 2012 for all of his works, an award also given to Mario Vargas Llosa, Carlos Fuentes, Ricardo Piglia and Roberto Bolaño.
LAS REPUTACIONES is is fourth and most recent novel.




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Nadchodzi najważniejsze wydarzenie literackie jesieni - Targi Książki we Frankfurcie. Na naszej stronie z każdym dniem przybywa nowych katalogów. Zapraszamy do śledzenia nowości oraz rezerwacji terminów spotkań z naszymi Agentami!

Oficjalna strona targów.

Tegorocznym gościem honorowym FBF będzie Brazylia. 

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Książka Kenana Görgünto, belgijskiego pisarza i dziennikarza pochodzenia tureckiego,  to połączenie pamiętnika i eseju - porcja dobrej literatury, która pozwala lepiej zrozumieć co dzieje się nad Bosforem! 

It is our pleasure to present to you a book about what have come to be known as the Gezi protests happening in Turkey at the moment. The book is written by novelist and journalist Kenan Görgün, a Belgian citizen of Turkish origin, who has been at the frontlines of the protest since day one. His book is a combination of diary and journalistic essay with some literary reflections as well. It is both personal and political.

In the book, Görgün explains how the protests came to happen, and he looks at events not only through the eyes of the protesters, but through the eyes of the police whose duty it has been to combat them.

Of course, the protests are not over, and Görgün will be updating the book insofar as possible as time progresses.




I have been in Istanbul from the very first day of one of the greatest protests in the country’s history. In Turkish, there is and will be a vast literature about those events – journalistic & sociological works, mostly.

But in other languages, and except for the foreign press representatives who came, informed and left (of which there are now fewer and fewer), I am almost the sole non-Turkish (but Turkish-rooted) writer around. The circumstances – and my will – pushed me to the frontlines of the protest… but also from one side to the other of these lines – from the “protest side” to the “repression side”, among others. I wrote hundreds of pages and memos, in my handbooks, my laptop, even on my cellphone, depending on where I was and what was happening there on the moment.

From live reports, testimonies and analysis, I selected and edited what appears to be the most accurate material, in order to compose what might be given to readers as a whole, a set that would remain significant even when this period is over (though its consequences will last for years).

“REBELLION PARK” is the result – dairy & essay.


Istanbul – The Zero Moment

In a few short chapters, this part of the book sets the circumstances and parameters which fed the initial protest and the way it expanded to become a nationwide awakening. In other words, a report on the events that made the Gezi Park protest reach a point of no return.

Through the eyes of the Gas Mask

Portraits, testimonies and talks from the protest and the protesters.
Students, doctors, lawyers, political activists, shopkeepers who helped the protesters in Gezi, even the itinerant sellers who made business out of the protest… A day-to-day report (with an analytic dimension) of the exceptional unity that arose from Gezi Park.

Through the eyes of the Gas Grenade

Testimonies and talks among the special squads assigned to repress the protest – by all means necessary. After the Prime Minister and his court, these squads are at the receiving end of the brunt of protestors’ criticism. And though their guilt will stand as a statement of impunity and disproportioned use of force, different voices tell you different versions of this unprecedented flashpoint.

At the Sultan’s Court

An outrageous use of force is combined with a ludicrous propaganda campaign in the course of events, causing a virtual war to erupt in the media and the social networks, ending in numerous arrests and abuses of the law. This part looks at the conspiracy theories of the government, and how those theories actually serve to enlighten the government’s real hidden agenda. How this government took its power from the past and present conflicts of Turkey and how it plans to keep that power. This part concludes with a fictional interview between Tayyip and… Erdogan, a surreal dialogue which takes us on a journey through the landscape of the New Turkey which this man seeks to shape –again, by all means necessary.

Manifesto for Tomorrow

Though no one can deny the existence of opportunists and «professional protesters» among the Gezi movement, the heart of the movement remains the youth. Now what remains to be seen is how this highly intelligent, witty, brave youth will shape brand new perspectives for the country. Confronted with blatant violence that has caused the loss of lives and limbs, the members of this movement have held steadfast, refusing to compromise on their dedication to non-violence. And now the core protesters have started another battle, one that is harder than to combat: the battle of ideas. Will the movement survive the end of physical violence, which in trying to break the movement has in some ways served to propel it, and succumb to the ideological violence that attempts to destroy it? Forums are held in parks (dozens of parks throughout Istanbul as well as in other cities of Turkey) and citizens of all backgrounds gather there and try to imagine new forms of action. Will these forums succeed in rallying people around concrete issues, getting them to take action and thus further the legitimate expectations of the movement? As we know, this youth-led movement is the latest obstacle to the government’s New Turkey project, and the battle of ideas that it has launched is already shaping the future of the country – and probably, one way or another, the future of the region.


From the Battle for Constantinopolis until this modern battle for the conquest of Neo-Istanbul, Istanblood is a narrative poem telling the tale of this land, the diversity of its people, of its conflicts and numerous renaissances… It will be divided into “chapters” and these chapters will connect the different parts of the book.

“Do You Speak Gezi?”

Extremely clever jokes and and other forms of ‘creative writing’ were rampant throughout the protest. Not only in Gezi Park, but all along the streets surrounding it one could see political graffiti, a true goldmine of creativity, boldness, intelligence and irresistible humour! Most of this material was erased during the final assault on Gezi. I knew that this moment would come. I asked around but could find no one who was archiving this materials, and so I took it upon myself to do so. I spent many days writing down each and every line visible in the park and on the walls of the streets through the district. It is for me a precious heritage of OccupyGezi and the spirit of this community that was “chapulling” in the park for two unforgettable weeks!

“May hope rise from this Pandora’s Box!” 





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Jesienią 2014 roku ukaże się autobiografia współzałożyciela i gitarzysty Joy Division. Proposal dostępny u agenta!

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the autobiography of New Order’s lead singer Bernard Sumner, to be published in autumn 2014.

An integral part of the Manchester music scene from the late 70s to the present day, founding member and guitarist of Joy Division, Sumner has been notorious for his reticence – until now…
The book will include fascinating insights into Sumner’s childhood, the formation of Joy Division with Ian Curtis, his relationship with Peter Hook and the inspiration for the classic ‘Blue Monday’.

Bernard Sumner says:

“Joy Division and New Order have both left quite a legacy but up until now I've been happy to let the music speak for itself. Somehow it feels like the right time to give my personal perspective both on my own life story and the many bands I’ve been in. I'm very excited to be working with Transworld on this book and to be published by the same company as the guy who gave us our first break, John Peel, as well as our former label mate Shaun Ryder.” 



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(proposal dostępny)

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Lista reprezentacji Roberta Leckera poszerzyła się o Jawbone i Backbeat - imprinty publikowane przez Outline Press. Tym samym, oferta książek muzycznych ANAW-u jest jeszcze bogatsza.

Since 2007, Jawbone has forged a reputation for publishing informed commentary on popular music by some of the world’s best writers on the subject. Key titles to date include autobiographies by Glenn Hughes and Bill Bruford, Bowie in Berlin, and The Resurrection of Johnny Cash.

The core team behind Jawbone has been producing books about music since 1991-- from The Ultimate Guitar Book to the Backbeat bestsellers How To Write Songs on Guitar, Beatles Gear, and The Piano Handbook. As well as publishing its own line of books, Jawbone continues to produce Backbeat-branded books for Hal Leonard and a range of titles for other imprints.

Please have a look at jawbonepress.com to see their wonderful titles. Below we have listed the best selling titles and the countries where they have been sold. If any of these titles are of interest to you then we can send you cover images and tip sheets.

Best sellers – Jawbone

To Live is To Die (2009): Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Finland, and Poland
Bowie in Berlin (2008): Italy, and Czech Republic
Million Dollar Bash (2007)
Jack Bruce, Composing Himself (2010)
A Wizard A True Star (2010): Japan
Crazy Train: The High Life and Death of Randy Rhoads (2011): Italy, and Japan
Million Dollar Les Paul (2008)
The Resurrection of Johnny Cash (2011): Germany
Mike Scott, Adventures of a Waterboy (2012)

Best sellers – Backbeat

How to Write Songs on Guitar (2000): Germany, Korea, Spain, and Russia
Beatles Gear (2001): Germany, and Japan
The Fender Book (2002)
The Piano Handbook (2002): Germany, France, Spain, Taiwan, and Russia
The Les Paul Book (2002): Germany, France, and Hungary
The Songwriting Sourcebook (2003)
Sixty Years of Fender (2003): France
The History of the American Guitar (2004): Japan
The Guitar Amp Handbook (2006)
Riffs, How to Create and Play Great Guitar Riffs (2002)




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