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Polish rights to trend researcher Ola Janiec's TOKYO LIFESTYLE BOOK to Oscar Blachut at Znak, in an exclusive submission, by Piotr Wawrzenczyk at Book/lab Literary Agency.


TOKYO LIFESTYLE BOOK reflections on a modern Japanese lifestyle from a perspective of experiences gained at local fashion advertising agency, including interviews with Tokyo's emerging talents, who invite readers to their favorite places.


With its respect for quality, inspiration from the past and excitement of the future, Tokyo is unquestionably the place to be. TOKYO LIFESTYLE BOOK is a response for Western’s fascination of beauty and aesthetics of a metropolis that for decades has had the image of modern luxury.

Trend Researcher and Creative Ola Janiec takes journey through hidden places of Tokyo, where design, culture and beauty make love together. On the pages of a book recalling Japanese magazine, the author explores city’s districts and various aspects of lifestyle such us – beauty industry, industrial design and independent fashion, in order to catch wide perspective of Tokyo’s way of seeing, making and thinking.

But Ola is not alone. She invites us to see the iconic city from the perspective of experiences gained at Japanese advertising studio as wells as the eyes of these, who shape the Tokyo’s trends. She takes this amazing journey with emerging talents and creatives, exploring authentic places, inspirational experiences and unique products you cannot miss when visiting on the most vibrant city of modern times that fascinates.

World English Rights & translation available!

Contact: Piotr Wawrzeńczyk, piotr(at)literatura.com.pl

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